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Report Engine 2.0 - The Evolution
Report Engine 2.0 - The Evolution

New Features and Updates - Report Engine 2.0

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The Bright Analytics Feature, Report Engine, allows unique Data Models to be curated to match clients aspirations. Initially this area was developed in 2010 as an internal tool, however over the last 5 years a handful of trained super users have specialized in using it externally and the appetite is increasing. Due to this our developers have been working non-stop on a complete overhaul and Bright Analytics is excited to release Report Engine 2.0.

What's new in Report Engine 2.0:

  • Aesthetically integrated with the Dashboard application

  • A new approach to creating joins between tables

  • Smoother process to create Metrics including templated SQL commands

  • Comprehensive linking process between dependent and independent metrics

  • New Dimensions Rules area baked into the Datasource interface

  • More comprehensive way to organise folders mirroring the dashboard app

  • Unlimited Dimension colour choice

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