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How do I resize a report?

how to adjust the height and width of a report, and alias report.

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You can easily make the reports on your dashboards the size that you want.

Simply click and drag on the 'handle' in the bottom right-hand corner of a report:

Please note that if you re-size reports on a shared dashboard these changes will be seen by others users of the dashboard.

If you do not see this handle in the bottom right hand corner this probably means that the dashboard you are trying to change is an 'alias' dashboard : ie it is based on a template. To confirm this check the url of the dashboard : if it is an alias dashboard you will see a url like this:

To change the layout of an alias dashboard you will need to edit the layout of the underlying 'master' dashboard.

To access the master dashboard click on the '+' button in the dashboard header:

Clicking 'Master' will take you to the master dashboard and if you have edit access to this dashboard you will be able to change the size and layout of reports.

If you find that the size of your report does not enlarge or reverts back to its original size - you may have the "Auto-height" feature applied.
The auto- height feature ensures the report is at its most compact state.

You can toggle this feature on or off by clicking the "Auto-height" button in the visualisation widget.

For more details about accessing the visualisation widget please click the following link:

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