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Metric Filtering
Metric Filtering

Use metric filters to exclude data from your reports when yours metrics hit certain thresholds

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Metric filters let you control what data is included in a report based on the value of certain metrics.

For example you might want to run a report that shows only the products that have sold more than 1000 units last month.

Or you might want to report on paid search keywords with a CPA > £50.

Here's how to filter your reports based on metric values:

  1. load up the report you want to filter in the report builder

  2. make sure you are editing the report

  3. click on the metric you want to filter

  4. in the metric info panel that slides out click on the 'filter' icon

  5. in the window that pops up set the criteria for your metric filter. you can set a minimum value, a maximum value or a range.

  6. Once you have set your criteria hit save

  7. Click 'Preview' to see your filter in action

  8. Remember to hit 'Save' once you're happy with your new metric filter.

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