Clarification of some of the key terminology used within Bright Analytics

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Content Menu

The list of all folders, dashboards and reports that a user has access to can be seen in the Content Menu. This is a typical tree menu that allows for any level of nesting and customisation of how content is organised.

The Content Menu is located on the left side of the Bright Analytics interface and can be revealed by clicking the Bright Analytics logo in the top left corner:


Everyone's content sits under the 'Your Content' top-level folder.

Additional folders can be created by users to hold any number of Dashboards.

Folders are denoted by a simple folder icon:

Actions relating to folders, such as renaming, copying, deleting and sharing, can be carried out using either the context menu for the folder in the Folder view (click the three dots to the right of the folder) or via the Content Menu.


A Dashboard is a document for holding a number of Reports. Dashboards sit within folders. Dashboards may have Filters attached to them to filter the data in any reports that are added to the Dashboard.

To add reports to a dashboard, and to carry out a number of other dashboard-specific actions, such as adding a report or configuring filters, click on the Dashboard 'cog' in the dashboard header:

Actions relating to Dashboard management such as rename, share, copy and delete can be access in the same was as with Folders: via the context menu in the folder view itself (click the three dots to the right of the Dashboard) or via the Content Menu, again using the three dots to reveal the menu of options.


A report is the 'widget' within a Dashboard containing report data / visualisation.
A dashboard may contain any number of reports.

Here is a screenshot of a Dashboard containing 4 Reports.

Reports only exist on dashboards. They cannot be added to Folders or be accessed other than via a Dashboard they've been added to.

Each report is independently editable allowing any combination of reports from a mix of data sources to be included on a Dashboard.

Options relating to Reports, such as editing, sharing, copy, can be found by the clicking the Report Menu : this is accessible by clicking on the cog in the top-right corner of any report:

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