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Sorting by multiple columns
Sorting by multiple columns

Learn how to sort reports using multiple dimensions and metrics

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Users are able to sort their data by multiple metrics and dimensions to make it easier to understand, analyse and visualise data in reports.

You’re able to control how your report results are sorted within The Explorer.

To sort by more than one column, hold down the alt/option key on your keyboard and click which fields you want to sort by. Click again on the field to change the direction from descending to ascending.

This table is sorted firstly by sessions in ascending order, bounce % in ascending order and then avg sessions duration in descending order.

To view the table sort settings, click the cog icon on the upper right hand side of the report and select 'visualisation' from the list. A pop up box will open that will show the table sort settings. This will allow you to view the order of what metrics and dimensions are being sorted along with the direction for each. You can also access this feature in the Explorer by clicking on the visualisation type in the left menu.

You can also change the priority of the sorting by clicking on the 6 dots icon beside the metric or dimension name, and dragging to the top of the list.

Please note that you can only use multi sorting for the default table visualisation.

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