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Revoking User Access

How to remove a user from a Bright Analytics instance

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When someone leaves your organisation, or their role changes, you will need to revoke their access to your Bright Analytics instance.

Please note that the ability to manage user access is restricted to admin users within your organisation.

Step 1 - access 'Manage Users' page.

The link to the Manage Users page is found in the dropdown menu under the 'user' icon:

Step 2 - find the user you want to remove

On the Manage Users page you can search by name or email address and the list of users matching your search term will automatically be filtered as you type.

Once you have found the relevant user account click 'Edit'

Step 3 - revoke access to a specific client

On the user profile page you will see the clients that the user has access to.

You should also see a padlock icon and the words 'unlock to make changes' - please click on the padlock icon.

The 'Revoke' button will now be highlighted in yellow:

To remove this users' access to the client simply click the 'Revoke' button.

You will be asked to confirm that you understand the user will lose access:

To proceed with this change please click 'OK' then click padlock icon again to lock the user profile.

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