Uploading a custom logo

Adding your own logo - or a customer logo - a dashboard instance

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Bright Analytics supports uploading of logos to customise the look and feel of a client dashboard instance.

We support a custom logo in the top right corner of the application. This file will automatically be scaled to a maximum height of 30px to fit within the header.

We would not recommend uploading very large files as these will add to bandwidth and increase download times.

To upload a custom logo please head to the Client Settings link, under the 'user' menu in the top right corner of the platform.

Please note that admin access level is required to access the Client Settings page.

Once in the Client Settings page you should see the Logos section.

Click 'Select File' and choose the file to upload.

NB : we support PNG, JPG and GIF image formats. SVGs are not currently supported.

Once your logo has uploaded it will immediately be displayed in the header - there is no need to save your changes and the new logo will be visible to all users.

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