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Interactive Filters - Feature Update
Interactive Filters - Feature Update

Quick Filters and Background Filters are being merged into a unified module

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Interactive and dashboard filters can now be viewed and configured in the same workflow. Your filtering status will be displayed at the top of the dashboard, showing how your data is being sliced at a glance.

To start, click the cog icon in the top toolbar and select 'Configure Filters'

A pop-up shows all filters applied to this dashboard. There are different types of filters. See this help article to learn about these.

What’s new:

Within the interactive filter section there are new ways to configure which dimension values will apply to this dashboard. If you have lots of values, consider using the dropdown interface which will help save space on your screen.

You will also have the option to control your filtering preferences. By selecting a multi-value mode you will be able to choose multiple options to filter by. The Toggle selection mode however will only allow users to filter by one value at a time.

What has changed:

We have simplified the top toolbar by removing the Beacon button (AKA upside-down pyramid / pizza icon ) and integrating the background filter setup into the main popup for filters

What do I need to do?

If you are happy with the filters you have, great; these have been preserved. Otherwise, please feel free to experiment with this enhanced feature and do get in touch if you have any feedback for us,.

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