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Report Descriptor

Add a couple of sentences to contextualise a report

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Have you ever stared at a visual before and thought ‘I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at’, alternatively made a visual that needed that context to how the data is glued together or what conversions points are in a metric?

Report Descriptor is our answer.

Report Descriptor can be used to add in-depth context to the widgets.

View users will be able to see the report description if the Dashboard builder has been pinned (as above). If the title of the visual is clicked on the user will get taken to a unique report URL and within here the description can be seen under the Descriptor (example below).

Power & Admin users can configure this feature within The Explorer. Steer to the tab called Description under the report title, write the detailed description in the black outlined box. Select Pin to report to see the description above the visual in the report.

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