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Effortless Dimension Creation
Effortless Dimension Creation

How to map dimensions in the Report Engine

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How to create a Dimension within Report Engine - 2 min video

What is a Dimension?

Dimensions let you explore your data, providing various levels of breakdown or grouping in your reports.

  • To create a new dimension, click on the ellipsis (three dots) to the right of any folder under the metrics tab and select, 'Create Dimension'

  • Name your new dimension and click the 'Enter' key

Select 'Add a new mapping' to choose between one of 4 options for your new dimension:

  • Lookup: select a specific field from a meta table (article)

  • Direct: map directly to a data source and select the relevant field

  • Text: enter the name of the expected result (i.e. SA360) in place of a field and select the relevant data source

  • SQL: custom SQL query

As an example, I'll create a 'Campaign ID' dimension for SA360

  • Once you have decided with mappings and selected the relevant data source and fields (if applicable), select 'Add Mapping' (You can add multiple tables if your data source has so)

  • Now that all relevant mappings for your new dimension are in place, you can select 'Review and Save' in the top right corner

On this final tab, you can check the changes/additions you are making to your dimension mappings, which metrics it will be compatible with, and any existing reports it may affect - Save changes for the final time!

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