Bullet Charts

A clear and simple way to visualise paired metrics, comparison periods and actual vs. target metrics.

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Bullet Charts are a great way to visualise the performance of two metrics together. This can either be impressions vs. clicks, site visits week on week, or actual vs target conversions.

Bullet charts are great for tracking target performance.

  1. The vertical grey line represents the target metric (or in this case WoW like – we can set up a planned metrics table for you on request that you can keep updated).

  2. The blue bar tracks this week's Likes, or e.g actual clicks/spend

  3. The shaded segments can be adjusted to any proportion within the visualisation panel. You can set an upper target and lower minimum band with a middle band for the average range.

  4. To use bullet charts with paired metrics, go to the report builder to pair your metrics.

  • In the Visualisation Panel, you can change the chart to either horizontal or vertical

  • You can change the labels displayed on the chart.

  • Here you can edit the band percentiles

  • And under target type, you can choose what metric is displayed as the partner metric.

  • If you choose Target Type – User, then you can manually input a static target.

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