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Create a Custom Facebook Conversion
Create a Custom Facebook Conversion

Create a conversion metric using ids from Facebook Business Manager

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If you want to track conversions metrics that you would from outside platforms but in Bright Analytics, you can by finding the correct ids for your conversion and adding it to the metric definition.

Within Facebook Business Manager UI:

  1. Navigate to FB Business Manager > Event Manager > Custom Conversions.

  2. Find the conversion id next to the conversion name.

3. Copy the ids into the metric definition window in the report engine as instructed below.

Within the Bright Report Engine

  1. In the report engine, first create a SUM IF metric

  2. Add the column action_type from the datasource for facebook.

  3. type 'offsite_custom.conversion.(your_conversion_id)' > insert your conversion id here. Don't forget the quote marks.

  4. Add the actions_count column

  5. Add the final if else, 0 and close the brackets. Follow the example below.

    (Note - check all syntax - commas and brackets)

  6. Repeat for all appropriate tables - demopraphic, geo, device, and click Commit Changes.

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