Quick Filters

Filter your dashboard on the fly for quick insights into your data.

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Quick filters is our intuitive tool that will allow you to toggle on and off key filters with ease to quickly see your data from the point of view if different markets, Channels or Publishers. It allows you to quickly gather insight on your dashboard, making changes on the fly without editing the main report settings. You can combine as many dimensions and filter values as you like.

  • First click the '+' in the top menu and click Quick Filters.

  • Here you can configure your filters, adding new ones or editing existing ones.

  • The Quick filters will display across the top of your dashboard. When filled blue, this means they are toggled on.

  • Click the filter icon to the left to toggle all or one for each dimension on or off.

  • Click the dimension name to toggle all or one of that dimension on or off.

  • Here we can see how we can quickly gain insight to e.g. Facebook activity made on a desktop.

NB: Please note that having all filters toggled on still limits the report to only the values included in the quick filter.

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