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Set further details on your metrics to enhance their display in your report.

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This is where you can fill out different attributes of your metrics which will then be reflected in the metric formatting in your dashboards. 

The following details will affect the display of your metrics in the dashboard. 

Name - This is the name that will appear on your report.

Info - Anything you write here will appear under the specifications of your report. Click the 'i' next to your report then the 'i' next to the metric or dimension. 

Prefix/Suffix - here you can add a £ or % to denote your data accordingly.
Round - select the desired amount of decimal places to add.
Uplift Bias - You can invert the uplift bias if a rise in your metric figure actually indicates a negative change, e.g. Bounce rate. The green/red indicators will be switched.
Icon class: Find out on how to use and add icons to your metric.
Published: This tick-box is used to specify whether the metric should be available to select in the dashboards. If ‘unpublished’ (unticked) the metric will appear red in the sidebar and will not be available to select/search in the report builder.
Please note - if you have already used this metric in a report and you 'unpublish' the metric this does not remove it from the report, it will just no longer be available to select moving forward. To remove it from the report you will need to edit the report and remove the metric.

Your metric will automatically be assigned a colour which will be associated with your metric in any visualisation you choose. You can select a specific colour from a subset of colours when you click on the colour square. 

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