You can use Manage Data to to update values of campaign and placement names in Meta Tables, or amend Plan Tables

  • Click on the person icon > Manage data

  • Locate the datasource you would like to edit and click 'Manage Data'.

Here you will see your table. 

  • You can edit the details of a given campaign to e.g. reclassify the dimension of a campaign. 

  • Click in a cell and edit the value, then return to the top of the page and click 'save'.

  • Tables will only appear in manage data if they are set to be in the report engine. You will need to make the column 'Uploadable' for it to editable. Click here for more info. 

  • If you want to make mass changes to the table, you can Download it and re- Upload using the displayed buttons. 

  • You can also Add extra rows if the table permits, such as with a plan table. 

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