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You can use rules to clear up raw data where words are separated by unusual characters, abbreviated or spelt incorrectly, such as a string extracted from a URL. You may also want separate out the multiple bits of information found in the placement name into separate columns so they can each be used as dimensions.
This way your labels will look nice and clean on your dashboard. 

Login to the report engine for your client and change the URL to end with '/rules'

From here -  

  1. Select the datasource you want to work with

  2. Select the column you want to apply rules to

  3. Click add rule.

Here you can add the details of your rule - 

  • As above, you can name it for reference in this window.

  • The Result value is what you will see in the dashboard.

  • Click 'Add a condition' to reveal the where-clause.

  • Here we are taking the column (field) 'value' from the table 'dcm_meta_placement' and anytime the value contains 'bloomberg', the rule will return Bloomberg as the result value.

  • Finally, click Save and then Run at the top of the page to implement your rules. You can also preview the SQL that the rule generates and preview the results first if you like. 

For more info on advanced rule settings, such as conditions, returning segments, using SQL and match types please click here.

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