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Create a Report

Intro to Metrics, Dimensions & The Explorer

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To create a new report, open the dashboard and navigate to the cog in the menu bar. From there click 'Add Report'. This will take you to the explorer page where you have the ability to start building a report.

You'll be launched into The Explorer.

Navigate through the left panel to create a report, below we are going to look at the 5 Campaigns with the highest spend for the the month. The screenshot below shows a report where the metric 'Media cost' and dimension 'Campaign Name' have been selected.

Within the date range selection there is a large collection of pre-set and customisable date ranges available, in the example the date range selected is 'This Month'.

Finally the data is sorted highest to lowest and the top 5 campaigns are selected, this is done within the Sort & Limit function.

To help the audience of the dashboard digest the report, let's turn this into a bar chart. To do this select the Visualisation area and select 'Series':

To play around with the base of the report explore the visual chosen:

You can update the visual for individual metrics if you click on the metric name, image below:

Within the Metric area you can update colours, add labels, format numbers, change the plot type, choose the style of line, marker and width.

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