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Creating Dashboards and Folders
Creating Dashboards and Folders

Creating your first dashboard, using folders, favourites, sharing and more options.

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Creating content

Click 'Create folder' button to create one. Click again inside the folder to 'create dashboard'. You can also create folders within folders.

Creating a report will take you through to the report builder to make your first report. Clicking on Content area will allow you to create a header or insert some text into your dashboard. 

Click on the 3 dots by your folder or dashboard to see more options. 

To copy a dashboard, reveal the left side menu and click on the 3 dots by the desired folder or dashboard and click 'paste'.

The options are slightly different within folders, dashboards and reports. Naturally you can create a dashboard through the folder options, and a report only through the dashboard options.

Click here for more info on sharing permissions.


You can set a folder, dashboard or report as a favourite, turning the star yellow, this can be toggled on or off here. All your Favourites will appear in the right menu, from within here they can also be removed by clicking the bin. 

You can even just use the search bar if you know the name of a folder or dashboard. 

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