The planning app allows you to integrate your yearly spending plan into Bright Analytics. If your organisation would like access to planning, get in touch through

We can then arrange various permissions to individuals and groups of users.

This feature is accessible through the dashboard through 'Planning ' under the profile icon. 

Upon selection the user will be able to select a planning year.  

Once you have navigated through the heirarchy of plans by clicking View, for example they can be broken down by Market - Channel - Activity, you can then select Add New Plan in the top right hand corner.

To create a plan you will need to select '+ Add New Plan' then,  'Start editing' to unlock the features.

The editing option will allow you to change the plan name from 'New Plan' to a desired name as well as allowing you to input data such as budgets and campaigns.

Upon editing, the plan app will automatically adjust its campaign and plan budgets based on the data input. 

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