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Exporting a Dashboard
Exporting a Dashboard

How to export your dashboards to PDF or Image

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You can easily trigger an export of your dashboards within Bright Analytics.

When you are on a dashboard you will see a camera icon in the header:

Clicking this will reveal 2 export options : Image or PDF

Click your chosen format and this will be generated in the background and a download prompt will let you choose where to save the output to.

Some of the advantages of taking a screenshot this way - rather than a screengrab through your browser - include:

  1. Date ranges are rendered as an absolute date range rather than saying 'Last Week'

  2. Various bits of the BA user interface are hidden before the screenshot is generated, resulting in a cleaner output


We are currently working on adding the option to schedule a dashboard export - this is expected to be live second half of October 2019.

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