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Accessing the Report Visualisation Options
Accessing the Report Visualisation Options

How to access the visualisation widget of a report

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Bright Analytics can visualise your reports in various different ways. 

You can change the appearance of any report by clicking on the cog in the top right corner and selecting 'Visualisation' from the drop down menu:

This will launch the visualisation panel:

The various icon buttons along the top of the panel relate to a different visualisation option (from top left to bottom right) :

• Tables
• Statement
• Series
• Pie
• Funnel
• Heat Map
• Tree Map
• Scatterplot
• Timeline
• Sankey
• Paths
• Postcodes
• Mapbox postcodes

Within each of these types there are various options for fine-tuning the appearance of your report, which we will cover in separate articles for each type.

Whenever you make a change in the visualisation panel the cog in the right top corner of your report will turn yellow which signifies that you have changed the visualisation of the report but have not saved any changes. This changed visualisation will only be visible to you unless you save changes.

From this view you can choose to either 'Discard Changes' which will revert to the original published changes of the report or you can 'Save Visualisation' which will publish the new amendments you have made to everyone that has access to the dashboard.

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