How to use annotations on graphs

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Annotations let you put short comments onto a column / bar / line graph visualisation so that you can put some context to the trends in your data. 

Adding Annotations:

On any column / bar / line graph click on a data point where you would like to add a note or a comment to bring up the annotations editor. 

Please note you can only add annotations to a default or drill-down bar / column / line graph. We currently do not support annotations on grouped, stacked or percentage charts.

Here you can enter in your comment (up to 50 characters) to your chart. There are a few options you can use to visualise your data:

Note Type:

You can choose to display this note as text or as an icon:

Note bias:

You can choose to display your note as a positive, negative or neutral note. This will display the icon or text in green (positive), red (negative) or grey (neutral).

Public and Private Notes:

You can choose whether your notes are 'Public' or 'Private' by navigating between tabs in the annotations editor.

Public notes are visible to anyone who has access to the dashboard where you have added the comment to the report. 

Private notes are only visible to you and will not be shown to anyone else. 

Multiple Notes:

If there are multiple notes (public or private) on the same data point, the note will automatically become an + icon. In order to view these annotations you can hover over the datapoint to bring up the tooltip where you will be able to see all the notes relating to the datapoint:

Editing / Deleting Notes:

If you would like to edit an annotation after saving it, simply click on the datapoint again to bring up the annotation editor and edit the comment or styling on either your public or private note.

To delete your note simply click the 'delete' button on the report editor to remove your note.

Annotations and Date Ranges:

Annotations are linked to the report date range when the annotation was created.
For example, a report set for 'Yesterday' which has an annotation will only show if the date for 'Yesterday' is still in view. If the same report is changed to show 'Last year' your annotation will disappear.
If the same report is then set to 'Last 7 days' this will display your annotation as the 'Last 7 days' will include the date for 'Yesterday'.

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