Alerts allow you to monitor your KPIs and make sure that you're notified when this falls above or below a set threshold.

You can access the Alerts screen by going to the person icon in top right of the navigation bar:

All of your alerts will be displayed in cards that show you basic information about when your custom alert will be triggered.

To add a new alert simply click on the '+ New Alert' button to get to the Alert Builder:

From here you can give your alert a custom name, this will appear on the alert card so you can find your alerts easier.

Choose the metric or KPI you want to monitor - you can either search in the text box or browse through the 'browse' icon. 

Set a Lower or Upper threshold - make sure you tick the box to set your threshold. You can also tick both boxes and be alerted if your metric goes above or below the specified range of your lower and upper bounds.

You can choose to filter your KPI by a compatible dimension to get a more specified and refined alert.

Select the date period you want your alert to monitor e.g. you may want to be alerted if your CPA is below £2.5 for last week or for just yesterday.

You can also choose to compare your current alert to a different date range which will alert you if your metric has moved by more than a set percentage compared to a pervious period.

You can manage the frequency of your alert through this UI and you can also choose who receives this alert email whether it be a specific user or a user group. 

Once saved your alert will appear on a new card on the screen: 

You can edit your alert again by clicking on the spanner icon in the bottom right corner of the card. You can choose to sleep notifications using the bell icon and you can delete your alerts using the trash icon. 

By clicking on 'More info' you can flip the card to see your card in a different layout and you can also select 'History' to see your alert over time.

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