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Report Scheduling

Schedule a report to be sent your email - daily, weekly or at any hour.

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If you need a reminding that your dashboard or report is ready with new data, you can set up a scheduled email of it. 

From the report, click the cogwheel and click 'schedule this'.

Here, you can pick any combination of days (here we've chosen Monday, Wednesday and Friday), or you can choose all weekdays, and the hour you'd like it scheduled.

Export Format

Once you've chosen when you want to receive your report, you can choose one of two formats:

  1. RAW : this report puts the columns in the first row of the .csv file and is intended for automating an import to another system

  2. STANDARD : the header of the exported file will contain meta data about the report, its structure, the dashboard it lives on and run times.

Your report will be sent to your email address with a .csv attachment of the report.

You can also schedule the dashboard by clicking on the '+' icon in the top menu bar
Report Delivery

Scheduling the Dashboard will send you an attached file with an image of the entire dashboard.

Adding Recipients

You cannot currently schedule the report to be sent to additional users - they currently need to create their own schedules. 

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