Renaming Columns in Manage Data

How to rename columns in Manage Data

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Sometimes a column header in a table in Manage Data needs to be renamed for clarity and efficiency.
For example, a dcm campaign table might have a default name attached to the column e.g. 'meta_3' which does not provide a lot of information about what this column holds.

You can change the name of this column in the Report Engine by navigating to the relevant table in the Datasource section and selecting your desired table.
From here you can expand the 'Fields' section by clicking on the 'three dots' button to reveal a list of every column in the table.
Under the 'Name' section you will be able to rename your column.
Please note: 'Column Name'  should remain untouched as changes to this field will mean the app cannot read your datasource. 

Once you have renamed the column, you will need to push changes to the app:

Once this is complete you will see the column name has changed in Manage Data:

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