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Assign colours to dimension values
Assign colours to dimension values

sometimes you want to link a colour to a specific data label : this is how you do it!

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Imagine you're building a chart showing sales split by market and you'd like to associate specific colours with specific markets.

You can do this by linking each dimension value for the Market dimension to a particular in the Bright Analytics Report Engine.

Step 1 : Login to the Report Engine and select the relevant Dashboard instance.

Step 2 : From your home screen, click on the "Dimensions" tab to open up your dimensions

Step 3 : Find the dimension you want to use, for example we have selected "Core" and "Campaign". Click on "Stored Values" to open up the value colours

Step 4 : You can then search for your value or find it in the list below

Step 5 : Click on the colour of the current value and select your new chosen colour

Step 6 : Repeat as required for each dimension value you want to update the colours for.

Step 7 : Review and save the new changes:ย 

Step 8 : Review your dashboards - you should see your new colour assignments reflected after a couple of seconds!


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