Y-axis Management

Merge scales of different metrics or move to the right axis.

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If you have a report with more than one metric, you can change the arrangement of the Y-axis.

The default is separate scales for each metric, as below: 

Merge or Move Scales

  • Click on the cogwheel, and you'l see Y-Axis management at the bottom of the current visualisation. 

  • Click and drag metrics to rearrange the axis. You can either:

  1. Merge - Drag one metric on top of another to merge the scale. 

  2. Move - Drag the Axis onto the header 'New Y-Axis on the Right'

It is worth considering whether the scales are of a similar range. Here it makes sense to combine Revenue and cost, and the move orders to the right axis to display the report more clearly.

Here, we have done both:

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