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Statement Report Metric Formatting
Statement Report Metric Formatting

The metric formatting options available for statement reports

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There are a few ways you can alter the display features of metric values. To access these options click on the plus button found to the left of the metric name in the visualisation widget. This will reveal the metric options available:

โ€‹Unit Formatting

The "Full" option will display the entire number with commas to separate the thousands.

The "Formatted" option will round the metric value to the nearest base unit. For example to the nearest thousand, million or billion.

Thresholds are used to select a target value for the KPI. If the metric value for that period is above target, that metric will be displayed in green. If the metric value for that period is below target that metric will be displayed in red.

The threshold number will appear underneath the statement report main figure. Should you choose to visualise this in the report. You can also relabel the 'threshold' label to display any value you wish to add.

If you do not want to show the threshold value on your report the main metric figure will be either green or red to signify the uplift from the threshold.

For more information on statement styles click the button below:

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