Statement Report - Gauges

How to utilise gauges in statement reports.

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You can display the difference vs the previous time period in a gauge by checking the 'Gauges' box in the visualisation panel:

Statement reports can support multiple comparison date ranges. You can switch between them by clicking on the period comparison header, when you switch a small gauge icon will appear next to the period comparison name. The label on the gauge will also change accordingly.

Statement reports can also support one or more dimensions, allowing you to see the performance at a more detailed level.

If you add more than one dimension to your report you will see that the values for the first dimension are now underlined:

Clicking a value will now let you drill-down into that value and see performance split out by the second dimension you selected:

You can include any number of dimensions in your statement reports.

Finally, you can include more than more metric in your statement reports:

We hope you enjoy using statement reports. As always if you have any questions about how to build or customise these reports please get in touch!

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