For those clients using Bright Attribution you will have access to a selection of advanced metrics within your reports and dashboards.

One of these metric is 'Assists' and here we seek to explain what this means.  


The Assists metrics tells you the number of conversions that a certain piece of your
media activity played a role in.

The Assists metric does not count every time an interaction with a channel occurs prior to a conversion : Assists counts the number of unique conversions that a particular channel or piece of media activity played a part in.

For example, an Assist count of 5 against the channel PPC tells us that PPC activity featured in the path leading up to 5 separate conversions.

In the example journey below, PPC and SEO would both record 1 x Assist. Because we count unique conversions, PPC will not get 2x Assists.

A summary report at Channel level would show:

Please note that Assists does not discount the number of times that media - eg PPC - was credited with a sale. We can create custom metrics which do deduct the number of last-click conversions from the assists score if that is of interest.

Impression Assists & Click Assists

We can create Assists metrics which only count if the assists came from an Impression / Ad View event or if it came from a Click event.  This is especially useful for analysing Display campaign influence : if you can demonstrate lots of Click assists for Display activity that is very valuable.

Conversion Goal Assists

We can also create Assist metrics which only examine the paths leading to certain conversion goals. Of course you can run the Assists metric split by conversion goal, or you can filter your report to only examine certain conversion goals, but sometimes it's useful to have an Assists metric that is pre-configured to examine a specific conversion gaol, eg Sales.

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