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Table Types

An overview of the table types available in the visualisation widget

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There are five table types available: Default, Drilldown, Crosstab and Stacked.


This is the default visualisation when you select the table icon and shows all dimensions on the left as separate columns. It will also show all metrics on the right in the same order as the report builder. There is no limit to the number of dimensions or metrics on this table visualisation.

Drilldown tables require at least two dimensions. The tables are expandable so that you can drilldown from an overview to a more granular view of the table, dimension by dimension.


Crosstab tables requires exactly two dimensions and displays the dimensions on both axes. If there are multiple metrics, they are displayed on the top left of the report as a drop down option. If you select a week-on-week (WoW) comparison, these are displayed as shown below followed by a % change.


Stacked tables are only available if there is only one dimension in the report. This displays metrics as rows and dimension values as columns.ย 

Table Size

You can adjust the size of the table when in paginate or internal scroll mode, by dragging the bottom right hand corner of the table in or out. For auto, daren't you guess, the table size adjusts automatically.

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