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Changing colours in your charts
Changing colours in your charts

how to change the colours of series in your charts

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You may want to associate specific KPIs with particular colours, or simply implement a colour scheme to match you, or your client's, branding.

If you have multiple series in your chart you can set the colour of each of these through the report's visualisation panel.

Please note that if your report is a single metric, split by a particular dimension from your data - eg. device type - then colours in your chart are determined by the colours assigned to the individual value for that dimension. These colours can be changed in the report engine : please contact support to make these amendments.

  1. launch the visualisation panel:

2. expand the series controller for the metric whose colour you wish to change:

3. click on 'Change Colour' : this will launch a colour picker. You can either pick a colour from your pre-defined colour palette, or pick an arbitrary colour.ย 

4. Once you've chosen the colours you want please remember to hit the 'Save Visualisation' button to ensure your changes are seen by everyone else who can access this report. You can also 'Discard Changes' if you want to revert!

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