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A summary of the different custom accesses available within Bright Analytics

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There are some features of the app that aren't available to all users by default, such as the 'Manage users' page. These can be made available by an admin.

View users

The below features can be granted to a view user in the 'manage features' area:

  • Access to the 'Manage Dimensions' interface.

  • Access to the Planning app.

  • Access to the 'Manage Users' interface.

  • Access to the 'Manage Groups' interface.

  • Access to create and manage time slices

  • Access to impersonate other users

  • Ability to edit commentary within time-slices

Explore users

An explore user has all of the access mentioned above that a view user has with the addition of:

  • Ability to set up scheduled dashboards by email

  • Ability to have the option to edit and admin existing dashboards and reports

Regular users

A regular user has all of the access mentioned above that an explore user has with the addition of:

  • Ability to limit other users' accesses to folders, dashboards, and reports.

  • Ability to create new folders, dashboards and reports

Admin users

An admin user has access to all areas of the app. On addition to the permissions of a regular user they also have the following:

  • Ability to create new users

  • Ability to grant users access to features, folders and dashboards

  • Ability to edit client settings such as logos, fonts and branding colours.

  • Ability to view platform usage

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