Resolving Mapping Issues

Hints and tips on how to resolve dimension mapping issues

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Check your metrics

If a report does not work and consists of only metrics, make sure that the token/ID used in the metric definition is correct.
This refers to the id in the curly brackets in the formula box in the definitions section of your metric page. If the dynamic name above it says 'unknown field' you must rebuild the metric by finding the correct token/id.

If this is not the issue, check that any expression in the metric definition is correct. Usually when building a metric the report engine will notify you if there is an error in your calculations.

Missing Brackets error:

Incorrect SQL syntax error

Check your dimensions

If a report does not work and consists of metrics and dimensions, it is likely that there is something wrong with the dimension mapping.

The first thing to check is whether your dimension is mapped to all the datasources that your metrics are querying. You can check this by looking in the specification panel and navigating to the query section:

And comparing this to the dimension you would like to add:

If there is a datasource missing in this list, you will need to map the dimension to this datasource so that it becomes compatible with the report.

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