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How to add comments to time slices

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Adding comments to time slice dashboards is simple. Each time slice comes with the option to add comments - found at the top of the dashboard.

On the left hand side of the feature, is a list of all the comments. Stating the comment header and a description. On the right, is the comment's content.

To add a comment, click on the blue '+ Add Comment' button. This will add the new comment to the top of the list and open up the edit functions. As default, the comment is titled 'New Comment' and the body is blank.

The default header will be overwritten as you type in its text-box. There are many text styles that can be applied to the body of the comment and links can also be inserted. You would need to click on the open space to start.

Once you are happy, you can save your changes by clicking the save changes button - found on the top right of the screen. To edit or delete a saved comment, click on the 'Edit' or 'Delete' button on the right hand side.

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